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Sony S1 and S2 tablets in the wild

Announced earlier this year Sony’s eagerly awaited Honeycomb tablets were on display in London today at the company’s summer product showcase and Recombu was there to have a closer look. Check our our gallery below.

Codenamed the S1 and S2, information about the two tablets is a closely guarded secret. The most striking thing about the tablets is the design, Sony has taken a different and more interesting approach than rival manufacturers in the design of both devices.

Borrowing its looks from the Playstation family, the S2 includes dual 5.5-inch screens and folds up clamshell-style protecting the screen and making it easier to transport.

The S1 has a 9.4-inch screen, however instead of being a flat rectangular shape, it is what Sony describes as a ‘Off-centre of gravity form factor’ in reality it’s thicker at one end, curving around to make it easier to hold as well as feeling more stable.

Powered by a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, both tablets will also have PlayStation Certififcation if you fancy downloading PlayStation games on the go. Both tablets will run Honeycomb, although when we asked about a potential Sony ‘skin’ a Sony spokesman said it was going to be tweaked to make it a little bit faster to use.

Both tablets include 3G and WiFi connectivity, in addition the S1 and S2 can be used as remote controls for other Sony devices, for streaming photos and videos to a Bravia TV and music to wireless speakers.

The tablet supports Sony’s music and video portal Qriocity, currently available on the PlayStation 3, Bravia television sets and its recent arrival in the Android Market.

There’s still no news on when the tablets will be available and a Sony spokesman could not confirm if the launch would be global or the US or Japan would get the tablet first. Although our first glimpse of the tablet follows leaked information from Sony Centre that the tablet will be available for pre-order at the start of September.

Sony S2 open

Sony S1

Sony S1 depth

Sony S1 depth


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