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Sony S1: Leak reveals September preorder date

Sony’s kept us guessing with dates for the Sony S1 tablet, but with several teaser videos doing the rounds (we’ve embedded one below) we’re intrigued as to how Sony’s curiously shaped tablet will handle itself in a market where they’re a late entrant- and facing the dominant iPad.

TIMN have apparently spied some leaked paper work that suggests it’s own Sony Centre stores will begin accepting pre-orders from the start of September. So, no release date, but at least an indication that it’s approaching launch.

The Sony S1 (S1, September 1st, geddit?) will arrive with its own style Android Honeycomb interface- and looks set to be the first Android tablet to do so.

The leak added that Sony will be pushing the tablet hard, with all staff set to intimately acquainted with the great tablet hope. Alas, these ‘documents’ didn’t give a hint just yet as to prices and release dates in-store. Will it try to undercut the iPad? Will it tank if it doesn’t?


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