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Sony working on Smart Wig concept

Having enjoyed a reputation as one of the foremost-thinkers in innovation for decades, Sony’s latest patent suggests that perhaps living up to that reputation has addled their collective head: behold the SmartWig. No, seriously.

It's almost enough to make Google Glass look mundane. Almost.

Whilst Google has staked its claim on our eyes with Project Glass, Sony has aimed higher, bypassing thoughts of some form of ‘ForeheadPhone’, and gone straight for the hairline with what must rate as one of the most optimistic ideas since, oh we don’t know, Betamax and MiniDisc. Thankfully designed to be used “in conjunction with real hair” there’ll be no depilation under duress required here to wig-up, and once you do an apparent world of the cutting-edge will nest on your noggin.

According to details of the patent filing, SmartWig will assist wearers in their daily digital demands by, say, helping blind people navigate roads using a combination of tiny cameras, wig-vibration commands and the remote assistance of someone sighted. It’ll also, apparently, collect information on temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure, all whilst looking, what Sony describe as “intelligent and fashionable” or, as what we describe as, “a bit of a berk”.

The future. On your head. Son.

The latest in a long line of outlandish looking ‘wearable technology’, Sony has also helpfully outlined just what the SmartWig could be made off, including such heady delights as horse hair, human hair, wool, feathers, yak hair, buffalo hair or synthetic material, proving that, as bonkers as it looks now, it could be worse; Elton John-worse.

With no plans to produce the SmartWig commercially yet, Sony’s patent does provide promise, stating: “The wig has several advantages that, compared to known wearable computing devices, include a significantly increased user comfort”; presuming that the user is staggeringly free from self-awareness, obviously.

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