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Sony’s SmartBand 2 combines intelligent fitness tracking with smartwatch features

The slim-and-light new Sony SmartBand 2 has officially launched, packing improved fitness tracking features as well as full notifications and smartwatch functionality. Hitting UK stores in September, here’s everything you need to know about the SmartBand 2.

Sony SmartBand 2 best features

First, the SmartBand 2 is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, so you can pair it with your iPhone (8.2 and above) as well as your Android (4.4 and above) mobile.

The SmartBand 2 is a fitness tracker first and foremost, with a skinny 9.5mm and super-lightweight 25g design. It’s little more than a rubbery wrist band, perfect for slipping on before a workout and forgetting about, while the IP68 water resistance means you can leave it on in the shower or when you hit the pool. Best of all, the USB charging port is built in (no irritating docks necessary) and not covered by an annoying flap.

The built-in heart-rate monitor tracks your pulse throughout a session, while the SmartBand 2 also packs an accelerometer to record your movements. Sony’s Lifelog app stores up all of your data automatically so you can see how your regime is working out.

You also get the usual sleep monitoring function of course, complete with a subtle vibration alarm to nudge you awake again.

Thankfully the SmartBand 2 also boasts smart watch features such as call and message notifications, alerting you with vibrations and three flashing RGB LEDs. You can use the SmartBand to control your media on your mobile, and it’ll also prod you if you wander away from your smartphone by accident.

Sony SmartBand 2 specs

The SmartBand 2 is Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC compatible, to connect to your smart devices. It works with Android devices 4.4 and above as well as iOS 8.2 devices and beyond. You’ll need Sony’s SmartBand 2 host app as well as the Sony Lifelog app to get the most from it.

Sony reckons you’ll get two days of battery life per charge from the 58mAh cell, with plenty of use. We’ll be sure to test that out in our full SmartBand 2 review.

Sony SmartBand 2 UK price and release date

The Sony SmartBand 2 will come in black, white, pink and indigo colours and will hit stores in the UK and worldwide in September 2015. We don’t have a specific UK release date or price yet, but the SmartBand 2 will cost ‘around €119’ in Europe.


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