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Sony USB On The Go lets you upgrade mobile space in an instant

The Sony USB On The Go drive lets users upgrade their mobile storace space in an instant.

Run out of storage space on your mobile phone? The Sony/Strontium USB could be your answer. A two-in-one flash drive featuring both USB 2.0 and microUSB connectivity, the new accessories add 8-, 16- and 32GB capacities to any handset running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and up — without the need to faff about with additional apps or drivers. 

Sony's slick new microUSB smartphone space-saver

To embrace this new world of space simply slap the Sony USB On The Go drive into the phone’s microUSB port and let the data flow freely, shuffling photos, music and video between smartphone and stick, taking the pressure off your handset’s internal memory, before popping it out and manually, yes, manually, handing it to that aforementioned friend to share the stored data free from the need for wireless connections.

Should users wish to bring a little more order to the flash chaos, Sony is also offering a free file management app for download that’ll help put things neatly in place too.

The 8-, 16- and 32GB drives are available for £12, £18 and £38.

Old school? Perhaps. Effective? Undoubtedly.


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