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Sony Windows Phone mobile rumoured

Has Microsoft seduced Sony and other mobile manufacturers into producing Windows Phone handsets?

Sony could cheat on Google in mid-2014 by releasing a Windows Phone handset, if the latest rumours are true. Despite Sony’s Android allegiance, tech website The Information claims that Microsoft might have swayed the Japanese giant to produce a Windows Phone Device in the coming months.

Could Sony make a Windows Phone?

Windows Phone enjoyed significant growth in the US last year thanks to Nokia, hitting 5 per cent market share, and achieving 4.1 per cent globally – not exactly time for a maracas-shaking celebration, but still good news for Microsoft. To boost growth further, Microsoft has allegedly been hitting on major mobile manufacturers such as Sony and ZTE, in an attempt to get more Windows Phone smartphones on shelves.

The source of these rumours is rather vague, to say the least. Specifically, “a person who was involved in the talks and a person briefed about the device.” Still, we’d be highly intrigued to see Sony squaring off against Nokia with some premium Windows Phone handsets, and such a launch can only be good news for Microsoft’s finger-friendly tile-based OS. Let’s face it, Windows Phone needs some kind of leg-up if it’s to overtake iOS next year

-Chris Barraclough


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