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Sony Windows Phone pictures leak ahead of MWC


A Sony Windows Phone. We expected to see one down the line and with new leaked photos have some pretty conclusive evidence that one is indeed on its way. The photos, revealing a sliding form-factor could even suggest an MWC announcement on the cards if the handset is fully functional. The mere fact that the front facing shot is under-exposed suggests that the screen is lit up and we’re not looking at a mock-up shell unit in the picture.

Sony Julie front and back

Spotted over at WPDang via phoneArena, the Sony Windows Phone handset is codenamed ‘Julie’ and sports a landscape sliding form-factor with a four-tierred QWERTY keyboard. Gauging by the apparent size of the device in the photos, the screen looks no bigger than 3.7-inches, though with no specs revealed we can’t confirm this.

The handset fascia and sides appear to be black, with a white backing a keyboard section. The keys are separated while on the backing is a Sony Ericsson insignia. We can expect the release version to drop all Ericsson branding.

As for whether it will be a Sony Xperia handset or Sony introduce a new sub-brand for their Windows Phone range remains to be seen. Hopefully an MWC reveal will flesh out the Julie’s spec sheet and give us an idea as to when we can expect Sony’s first Windows Phone device to land.


It turns out the leaked images at WPDang are re-hashed versions of images seen at Xperia Blog in January. You can see more below:


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