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Sony working on the Xperia Arc HD with 720p screen?

Watch out, Galaxy Nexus, you might not be the only kid on the block with a 720p screen if rumours are to believe. According to GSMArena, a tipster let them know that Sony are working on their next flagship device, supposedly rocking a 1280×720 screen resolution.

Referred to as the “Sony Ericsson Arc HD”, it would also be capable of 1080p video recording, but also be able to take full resolution camera shots while recording. Did your mind just get blown?

No word on chipset or other specs, but the device is said to be “blazing fast.” GSMArena speculates that the device will mostly likely be using some sort of dual-core processor (a wise assumption), and most likely make its debut at the beginning of next year. All the other manufacturers have their ducks in a row for the Christmas season, so Sony have probably missed their window for this year. An unveil at Mobile World Congress in February 2012, perhaps?

Source: GSMArena via PhoneArena