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Sony NW-WS623 vs NW-WS625: New Sony WS620 Walkmans compared

Sony has launched two new WS620 Series Walkman MP3 players for 2017, the NW-WS623 and NW-WS625. So what’s the difference between these rugged Walkmans and which has the best specs and features for you?

Although pretty much every mobile phone now has the ability to store and play a huge collection of music on the go, you can’t beat a proper MP3 player. That’s why Sony’s Walkman range is still going strong in 2017. In fact, Sony has just launched two new players under the Walkman WS620 series: the NW-WS623 and the NW-WS625.

These portable music players are designed for serious outdoor use, from hiking and climbing to swimming in the sea. Here’s all of the specs for the WS623 and WS625, as well as the differences between them and the UK release info.

Sony Walkman WS620 Series: Design

Sony’s WS620 Walkmans are the most rugged to date, able to withstand all kinds of punishment. Both the WS623 and WS625 can survive temperatures varying between 45 and -5 degrees, making them ideal climbing companions and just as handy for a jaunt in the jungle.

You get full IP65 dust and water resistance with the WS623, upgraded to IP68 resistance with the WS625. Either player can be submerged for a time of around 30 minutes, although the WS625 can go deeper at up to two metres. That includes salt water as well as fresh for either device. Sony also offers a set of special swimming earbuds for both models.

Despite their new durable nature, the WS620 Series Walkmans are a lot slimmer and lighter than many previous models. In fact, they’re 35 percent smaller than the WS610 Series and 10 percent smaller than the WS410 Series. Both players weigh approximately 32g.

As for colours, the WS623 can be picked up in a range of finishes including black, blue, lime yellow and the appealing ‘grayish white’. Sadly you only get a choice of black or…black with the WS625.

Sony Walkman WS620 Series: Features and specs

The next difference in specs between the NW-WS623 and NW-WS625 comes with the built-in storage. The WS623 is a little light in this area with just 4GB of space for your tunes. Meanwhile the WS625 packs a more generous 16GB of storage. Neither apparently supports a microSD memory card.

The WS625 also comes with a bundled remote control, if you want to switch up tracks and so on without fumbling with the device. No such accessory for the WS623.

Both models have Sony’s Ambient Sound mode, which trickles in sounds from your surroundings for reasons of safety (or otherwise). They also both boast Bluetooth, NFC support and a built-in mic.

As for battery life, you can expect both of Sony’s WS620 Series Walkmans to charge in around 1.5 hours. Just three minutes of charging gives roughly an hour of music playback. On a full charge, you can expect up to 12 hours of listening time with cabled headphones and four hours with Bluetooth headphones.

Sony Walkman WS620 Series: UK Price

You can grab both new Sony WS620 Series Walkmans from June 2017, although we don’t have an exact release date just yet.

The WS623 Walkman costs £110 here in the UK, or €129 across Europe. Meanwhile the higher-specced WS625 comes in at £150 in the UK €150 in Europe.


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