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Sony Xperia handsets to receive CyanogenMod 10 Alpha builds

Google I/O offered us Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but it wasn’t long after this initial announcement that the team at CyanogenMod proclaimed that they’d be focusing their efforts on an equivalent build of CM, dubbed CyanogenMod 10, which now looks to be coming to Sony Xperia handsets.

The FreeXperia team have been on board with creating dedicated Xperia support for CyanogenMod builds over the years and on their latest changelog; FXP130, CM10 is sited as being in the Alpha stages. The CyanogenMod team only recently announced that they would be pursuing CM10; the Jelly Bean based version of the mod and being able to catch site of devices likely to support it already, is surprising.

CID Xperia

As with creating any release candidate, when its not being built for commercial use, the creation of such an OS can be slow, fragmented and buggy in its development. After all, the people working on it can only do so in their spare time. The CM10 mod is weeks old, compared to CyanogenMod 9, the Android ICS equivalent which recently arrived across some 37 devices and as such this Alpha build is likely unusable on the whole.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was recently cited as being able to run its own build of CM9, but will the Xperia S, SL or Z perhaps be the first handset to make use of CM10 when it becomes a stable release. We’ll have to keep an eye on how the developers get on and we’ll let you know when we know more.


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