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Sony Xperia P and Xperia U videos explain everything

With the announcements earlier making the Sony Xperia P and Sony Xperia U official, Sony have released a host of marketing videos over at their press site which eloquently illustrates the thinking and feeling behind the Sony Xperia line.

Sony Xperia U

The Sony sans-Ericsson line of handsets is referred to as the Xperia NXT Line. The bottom of the range though perfectly respectable Sony Xperia U packs a 1GHz dual-core processor along with a WVGA 3.5-inch display and a 5-megapixel camera, not to mention customisable colour accents along the base. The two videos of the Sony Xperia U can be seen below, the first explaining its positioning and the second giving you a quick 3D tour:

Sony Xperia U 3D tour:


Sony Xperia P

The Sony Xperia P is pegged slightly higher than the Sony Xperia U seen above, with its 4-inch qHD display and 1.5GHz dual-core processor, it also features White Magic technology so should be viewable in even the brightest lights. Additional features include an 8-megapixel camera, and most notably, a brushed aluminium unibody.
This is the first time the use of sturdy metals has made its way onto an Xperia branded phone and the video below lovingly documents the process behind it. The second video, once again gives you a very up-close and personal 3D tour around the hardware.
Sony Xperia P 3D tour:

Personally, we like how cohesive Sony’s new designs are. Size creates the primary visual distinction between handsets and at the same time, each device still appears to have a personality of its own. With both these handsets expected in Q2 this year therefore, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer until we get our hands-on time with them at MWC and a sample into Recombu HQ for review.


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