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Sony Xperia P: Hands-on pictures

The Sony Xperia P is the mid-range handset in Sony’s latest NXT line-up, though that isn’t to say it isn’t exciting in its own right. The 4-inch qHD display is endowed with Sony’s White Magic technology. It boasts exceptional outdoor viewing and optimised battery saving thanks to a light sensor calibrated to best utilise the white sub-pixel that gives it its name.

The Xperia P also packs a 1GHz dual-core processor powering along its customised version of Android 2.3. With its unibody aluminium design, we were expecting the Sony Xperia P to have a dense, slightly heavy weighting, but it didn’t. We were in fact a bit thrown off by the lightness of the device which will no doubt appeal to many, though we would have prefered a bit more oomph.

With some design standout points such as the grille to the right hand side and the visible screws, the Sony Xperia P is the most industrial looking of the trinity that is the NXT series. We did manage however to eye over the red version and there’s no denying that its brushed red metal certainly has a softer appeal.

The screen is noticeably smaller than that of the Sony Xperia S, however it still manages to retain very impressive levels of detail with a PPI of 270. We watched a film trailer on it and could definitely see ourselves watching a feature film pretty comfortably.

With the same characteristic transparent banding around the bottom as the Xperia S, the whole series looks very cohesive, though holding the phones, they all have their own personality with the Sony Xperia P feeling the most feminine of the three despite the industrial elements.

Other specifications include an 8-megapixel camera with back-lit sensor (a la arc S), physical camera button and 16GB of built in storage. The Sony Xperia P comes in silver, black and red and is expected to arrive in Q2 2012 and cost somewhere in the region of £387. Anyone looking forward to one therefore doesn’t have too long to wait, so while you do, enjoy some up-close and personal hands-on shots and a review from us shortly.


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