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Sony Xperia P Unboxing video

We’ve taken pics of the new Sony Xperia P and shared our first impressions, but now in full motion glory we’ve got an unboxing video. The Sony Xperia P sits just below the Sony Xperia S and above the Sony Xperia U, packing a dual-core 1Ghz processor and a 4-inch qHD display. It’s also constructed out of aluminium, though still manages to retain the design of its plastic siblings with the clear strip along the base, bold angled corners and sleek geometric curves along the back.

In its handsome box, there’s your standard fare, USB to micro USB, wall charger, instructions etc, but Sony goes above and beyond with the inclusion of ear bud headphones.

The Xperia P has a micro HDMI out on its left hand side (despite us getting our left and rights muddled in the video). In light of this port,  Sony includes a micro HDMI to full sized HDMI cable in the box as with the Xperia S – a great move we’d like to see other manufacturers doing with more obscure cables like MHL.

The final surprise in the box is a screen protector so your Xperia P can be even more protected. Sony really have thought of everything.

You’ll have to excuse our faux pas in the video, the screen on the Xperia P is not 4.3-inches but 4-inches, that said, we hope it gives you some idea of what wonders the Sony Xperia P has to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for the full review coming in the next week and if you’ve got any questions or requests, fire us a comment below or contact us via Twitter and Facebook.


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