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Sony Xperia S successor spotted?

Sony looks to be up to its old habits again as the company’s current flagship, the Xperia S looks set to receive a six month refresh. were sent links to an Indonesian Postel site, which lists the Sony LT26ii, also called the Sony Xperia SL. The original Xperia S is also named as the LT26i and available in Indonesia, which leads us to believe the SL is set to be the phone’s six-month successor.

Last year’s flagship, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, which launched in February 2011, received a hardware update in the form of the Arc S around August time. The update featured a faster Snapdragon processor (1.4GHz up from 1GHz) and offered Sony’s 3D panoramic sweep mode out of the box.

If the company sticks to the format they used with both the Neo and the Arc last year, the Xperia SL won’t differ cosmetically in any significant fashion as retooling would be expensive and unnecessary for the low level hardware upgrade this device is likely to undergo.

Xperia SL crops up

Expect Sony to market the SL with additional colours, as well as a hardware boost, with processor clock speed and RAM likely to increase alongside internal storage. With no expandable memory option available, current Xperia S users are locked into a maximum 32GB capacity model, so there’s potential for the SL to offer up to 64GB of storage, although this is all purely speculation on our part. We’re also hoping that the Xperia SL will launch running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, unlike the Xperia S which launched on Gingerbread and is only now making the jump to ICS.


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