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Sony bringing fight to Samsung with two new premium Xperia phones

In September, Sony will apparently launch two new Xperia smartphones, the Xperia S60 and Xperia S70. And with seriously premium prices rumoured, we’re expecting Sony to be back on form with Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge killers.

It’s been a ridiculously quiet year for Sony Mobile so far. While Samsung, LG and HTC have all pumped out their latest flagship phones (the Galaxy S6, G4 and One M9 respectively), Sony was content to simply update its Xperia Z3 with a couple of new components and slap a plus sign on the end. Of course, you could accuse HTC of doing much the same with the M9, but that’s another story.

Sony’s Xperia Z3+ was sadly b0rked thanks to an overheating Snapdragon 810 processor, now infamous for being just as fiery as Qualcomm’s dragon mascot. Which means that Sony Mobile really needs to impress with its next set of premium handsets, to win consumers who might be otherwise swayed by Samsung and LG’s five-star flagships.

The good news is that we’re super-confident that Sony can do it. The Z3+ was only hampered by a poor choice of chip, and the Japanese giant has a proven track record in producing superior handsets, packing gorgeous visuals and some of the best mobile camera tech around.

So far little is known about the Xperia S60 and Xperia S70, which are rumoured to be Sony’s focus at IFA 2015 (a Berlin-based tech expo taking place at the beginning of September). What we do know is the proposed prices, if the leaks are accurate – 650 Euros for the S60 and a whopping 700 Euros for the S70. That places them in pretty much the same price bracket as the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, although the Edge is still the king of most-eye-watering-and-ballsack-shrinking-price-tag-yet.

Our money is on two differently-sized smartphones, one around the traditional 5.2-inch size and the other a phablet for media lovers. Of course, the names could also be a big clue into dimensions – would Sony risk two enormous 6-inch and 7-inch models?

And why the change of name from the Z series? Well, the S series used to be Sony’s flagship range until the switch to Z a couple of years back, and perhaps a shift back from the Z series shows that Sony isn’t content with just updating and adding new features any more. The S60 and S70 will likely be complete do-overs, packing an all-new design as well as a fresh Quad HD screen.

We’re expecting big things. And at the beginning of September, we’ll bring you our full thoughts on Sony’s latest flagships.


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