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Sony Xperia SP features native PlayStation 3 controller support

Touchscreen controls for mobile games are often less than ideal, with many craving the physical feedback of a good old fashioned controller. Anyone bold enough to root their device has been able to play games on their phone using controllers such as Sony’s DualShock 3, but according to Xperia Blog, it looks like the company will be adding native support to future Xperia phones starting with the recently announced Sony Xperia SP.

Sony has added a new option under the Xperia menu settings that allows gamers to natively pair a DualShock 3 controller. That would allow anyone to use the gamepad without rooting the device or using third-party software. The setup doesn’t look especially complicated either, as demonstrated in the YouTube video below.

The controller first needs to be plugged into the phone using a USB On The Go cable so that it can be paired properly. After the initial setup, the controller will connect to the handset wirelessly using Bluetooth. There are even options in the Xperia menu to turn off the controller remotely, and it will automatically pair with the phone once again when turned back on.

The Xperia SP is the only handset with native controller support right now, and it remains to be seen if Sony will extend the functionality to other handsets like the Sony Xperia Z. Some might say that all Android users have been able to do this for some time with third-party solutions and a little knowledge of rooting, but it’s good to see Sony offering a simpler solution.


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