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Sony Xperia T: Tips and tricks

The Sony Xperia T is the new flagship from Sony Mobile, with a gorgeous screen and running Google’s Android operating system. Check out the full Sony Xperia T review here.

Here are five ways to make your Sony Xperia T even better. 

Tip 1: Small apps a go-go

Sony has taken innovation across the interface to new heights with its floating small apps. Open up the Task Manager to write yourself a quick note, solve an equation with the calculator or boil and egg on the fly with the timer. While your task manager is open you can also swipe apps out of the way for satisfying closure.

Tip 2: Customise your camera

The Sony Xperia T has a 13-megapixel camera, giving it one of the highest resolutions of any camera to date, to make it feel more like a digital camera, just open up the camera settings and change the focus mode to multi auto focus. This is more intuitive to use when using the physical camera key.



Tip 3: Watch your battery


The weakest aspect of the Sony Xperia T is its battery life, so to get a full day out of it make sure you watch your settings. When you are underground switch it into Airplane mode, when possible turn off Auto Sync, when you don’t need the beautiful screen on full brightness – dim it. There’s also a Power Saver app that will automate some of these features.


Tip 4: Read on it

Thanks to the large, sharp LCD display the Sony Xperia T is one of the most comfortable screens to read on, thanks to the sharp backlight and comfortable width. Apps like Amazon Kindle Reader, Pocket, gReader and ezPDF Reader take full advantage of all the Sony Xperia T has to offer.


Tip 5: Magic Wand for faster typing

When you open up your keyboard for the first time, you’ll see a wand next to the spacebar, if you can’t you can access it via settings. Magic Wand is a keyboard set-up that lets you customise you everything from method of input, right through to emotions and spacebar, overall it makes the typing experience on the Xperia T as bespoke as possible.


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