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Sony Xperia X Performance could be coming to UK after all

Sony’s latest top-specced smartphone, the Xperia X Performance, could be available to buy in the UK after all – just not through Sony.

Sony had a huge MWC 2016, revealing a renewed push into connected home tech, as well as a fresh new range of phones (the Xperia X series). We’re already big fans of the Xperia X, which we recently spent two days with in Tokyo. However, until now it seemed like the Xperia X Performance, a super-specced version of the Xperia X boasting Sony’s top-end flagship camera and the Snapdragon 820 processor, wouldn’t go on sale in the UK.

Now it appears that we might see a British release for the phone after all. Sony told Recombu that while the Xperia X Performance won’t be on sale through its own online store, Sony is considering selling the phone through select UK distribution partners come July.

We still don’t know which retailers could get their hands on the Xperia X Performance, or how much the phone would cost here in the UK. The European price is €729 for Italy and Spain, and €699 in Frace and the Netherlands, so roughly translated the Performance will likely cost around £549 here in Blighty. The release date is set for July 4.

Sony’s full official statement is: “The Xperia X Performance was published on the Sony Mobile GB website in error and will not be available to buy SIM free from our Sony E-Shop. It may however be available in the UK in limited numbers via select distribution partners.”

The Xperia X series consists of the Xperia X, Xperia XA and Xperia X Performance. The Xperia X will hit the UK at the end of May for £469, while the Xperia XA (which the specs but adds a sexy curved screen) will be on sale in the UK from June 20, for £239.

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