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Sony Xperia XZ Premium Oreo Update: Hands-on review with the new features

Sony has just updated its Xperia XZ Premium smartphone with the latest Android Oreo OS, complete with all of Google’s shiny new features. In addition, Sony has thrown in a few new bits of its own, most notably some camera improvements. Here’s our hands-on review of Oreo on the XZ Premium.

From last week, Sony began rolling out the Android Oreo update to its brilliant Xperia XZ Premium handset. We’re still massive fans of the Premium, which remains the world’s only smartphone to boast a 4K HDR-ready display. Sure, that might seem rather frivolous, given the size of that screen. But the XZ Premium is far from a one-trick pony (phoney?), boasting strong performance, some killer features and world-beating camera tech.

Plus, that display really is bloody lovely.

The Xperia XZ Premium’s software just received a welcome update, in the form of Android’s all-new Oreo OS. Version 8.0.0 is rolling out to Sony Xperia XZ Premium owners across the UK, right now. We’ve already downloaded and played with this update, which also comes packed with some fresh features of Sony’s own creation, and it’s worth installing purely for the new camera bits.

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Sony Xperia XZ Premium: How do I update to Android Oreo?

Head to the settings menu and scroll to the bottom, before tapping on System. In here you’ll see the Software Update option, which also usefully tells you which version of Android you’re currently running. Give that a poke and your phone will check for any waiting OTA updates (as long as you have an internet connection).

If something is available, you’ll be informed and the download will begin. Make sure you’re connected to a reliable WiFi network for this one as the Oreo update will take up 1.3GB of your Xperia XZ Premium’s storage space. Enough to take a serious chunk out of anyone’s data allowance.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium: What new features will I get?

To start, you’ll enjoy Google’s new Oreo features, including picture-in-picture mode (which still doesn’t work properly), dot notifications (about time) and audio improvements.

On top of that, Sony has added some audio tweaks of its own, the biggest being support for aptX HD audio via supported wireless headphones. However, the best improvements are to the XZ Premium’s camera, bringing a lot of the Xperia XZ1’s new features to this 4K handset.

You now get autofocus burst mode, for instance, which can be activated by holding your finger on the shutter button. This can take around ten shots a second for up to 100 shots, keeping your subject in focus all the while. You also now get Sony’s Predictive Capture feature, which automatically buffers and takes shots when it thinks your subject is ready to smile. Definitely useful if you have uncooperative kids.

Finally, Sony’s 3D Creator app is installed by the Oreo update. This gimmicky feature uses your camera to scan a friend’s face, their entire head, or something inanimate like your breakfast. You’ll be left with an impressively accurate 3D model, which is mostly useless but rather impressive all the same.

Check out our full hands-on review of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium with Android Oreo below.


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