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Sony Xperia Z2 update includes PS4 Remote Play and more Z3 features

If you’re hankering after a Sony Xperia Z3, but firmly entrenched in a two-year contract with your Xperia Z2, worry not. A new update is set to close the gap between these two Sony smartphones.

In a week where Apple announced better iOS 8 support for legacy devices in its range, Sony has also decided to make lives a little better for Xperia Z2 owners by rolling out its Android 4.4.4 update, which contains a whole slew of new features for the device.

Sony Xperia Z2 and Z3

The Xperia Z2 will now offer PS4 Remote Play, a feature which allows users to connect to their PS4 console and stream games onto their Z2, playing them by means of a DualShock controller, as well as some new camera features, giving users some nice new functions to play around with. The device will also receive Sony’s Ultra STAMINA mode, which shuts down certain power-draining functions to preserve the lifespan of your battery.

Sony has also added Hi-Res audio enhancements which enable PCM and DSD file playback, DSEE HX MP3 enhancement, and presets which can be used with a selection of Sony headphones, as well as a remote Bluetooth Unlock feature which can be used with Sony’s new range of smartwatches.

The cynical among us might look at this update as an astute way for Sony to increase compatibility, and therefore increase sales, of other devices in its range; giving people the impetus to invest in a PS4, Smartwatch 3 or Sony headphones, but even so, it’s encouraging to see companies offering updates which permit consumers to use older devices for longer and at a higher standard, especially in times of austerity.

Whether any other manufacturers will follow Sony and Apple’s leads by doing the same remains to be seen.

The update has already been rolled out in the Middle East, Latin America and South East Asia and the rest of the word is expected to receive it imminently.