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Sony’s Music Unlimited app heading to iOS

Sony has not refuted the fact that it’s Sony Entertainment Network is its main priority for 2012, it includes its gaming, movies and music. The latest news from COO Shawn Layden is that the company’s Music Unlimited app is coming to iOS “in weeks”. As reported by Tech Radar.

 Music Unlimited screengrab 


Previously named Qriocity, the Music Unlimited service launched in 2010 offering users access to music via their Sony connected devices. An app was quickly available for Android devices and much like Spotify, provides a pay-per-month subscription service for music streaming access to its catalogue of over 10 million songs.

The service costs £9.99 per month for ad-free unlimited streaming whenever you like and £3.99 for an ad-free, Pandora-like, radio experience. Once subscribed, users can use the service via the app on their iOS(soon)/Android device, computer and any Sony enabled device e.g television or PS3.

This is a direct clash with iTunes, to which already sells Sony music, but Layden commented: “We want to be on as many devices for users who want to be part of Music Unlimited. ” and added that “Sony music is still be part of iTunes – there is no change in that.”.

We’ll of course keep you updated with news on this, stay tuned.


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