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Sony’s new flagship phone leaks in promo pic

A new leaked promo image clearly shows Sony’s new flagship phone, set to be launched on September 2nd in Berlin. Question is, what will the new handset actually be called?

We’ve already speculated over what Sony Mobile will release next month, with the popular internet vote touting two differently-sized Xperia Z5 handsets. Some theorists have taken a punt on this leaked image showing the Xperia Z5+, to be launched at the same time as a smaller Xperia Z5.

Of course, Sony might stick with the Xperia S70 code name, while the smaller but similarly-designed model will be known as the Xperia S60.

The promo pic backs previous leaks, showing that the round power button has been replaced with a flat button. This is likely because the button doubles as a fingerprint sensor, and therefore needs a greater area for you to press or swipe your digit.

We’ll bring you a full hands-on review of the new Sony phones on September 2nd.


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