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SoundCloud for iPhone and Android: Share your recordings to Twitter and Facebook from your smartphone

SoundCloud has pretty much replaced Myspace as the go-to for bands and musicians. It’s easier to upload your tunes, people can post your songs anywhere like on a Facebook page, or a blog post. Crucially the player is a lot easier to use, not to mention nicer to look at. Now you can access SoundCloud on your smartphone as well.

The SoundCloud apps for both iOS or Android allows you allows you to access your SoundCloud profile on the go and search for other band/artists.

You can stream music on the go (over 3G or Wi-Fi), add comments to profiles and build up a list of favourites. It’s perfect for both fans searching for new music and for artists to promote their new songs.

SoundCloud also lets you record audio on your phone and upload it to your profile. This can be used by bands to record and upload practice sessions or live demos.

And by journalists/bloggers to record interviews and upload them for transcribing. There’s loads of potential uses for this.

Once you’ve saved your recordings, you can then post them to Twitter, Facebook, Myspace if you wish, or email a link using the Share tool.

So like, when Lauren recorded Stacey’s confession on EastEnders, she could have posted it on Twitter, if only she’d had an iPhone and SoundCloud.

As well as this, you can check in and share recordings via Foursquare if you’re that way inclined. We can imagine people the ambient noises of the bar/restaurant/gig they’re at, just to really prove they are where they say they are…

Right now, you can’t directly upload any audio files to your SoundCloud profile with these apps. However, there are a ton of iOS apps that you can create noises on that feature SoundCloud sharing.

TC-Helicon’s Voice Jam app (see below) lets you create songs and loops by sampling your voice and allows you to upload your creations straight to SoundCloud. As do the KORG iMS-20 and iELECTRIBE synth emulators for iPad.

We’d love to be able to upload demos created in GarageBand on our iPad, which sadly you can’t do yet. Hopefully this’ll be added later.

For Android music makers there’s MusiCloud which is a simple uploader that costs £0.61. Supposedly this allows you to upload MP3s to your SoundCloud profile, but we couldn’t get it to work – it force closed every time we tried to upload anything. We tested this on our Nexus One that we updated to Gingerbread recently. Some users are reporting that MusiCloud has been iffy since upgrading to 2.3. Hopefully the developer will update with a fix for this soon. Until then, you might be better off uploading your songs the old fashioned way.


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