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South Park Phone Destroyer tips and tricks: Strategies to win without spending money

Want to be the best at the South Park Phone Destroyer strategy game for iPhone and Android mobiles? This full-on tips and tricks strategy guide will help you build up the best team, find those elusive rare cards, upgrade your warriors and weapons faster and become the ruler of the PvP circuit.

Although many movie and TV show tie-in apps are half-arsed and frankly a waste of phone storage, the Phone Destroyer game by the South Park chaps is one seriously addictive mobile title. This strategy game has you collecting a killer deck of cards in order to battle and vanquish your opponents, with our favourite cast members all making an appearance.

While South Park Phone Destroyer is free to download, the dreaded In-App Purchases make an early appearance, encouraging you to separate from your real-life cash. However, as this tips and tricks guide shows, you don’t need to buy to win. With a bit of help and advice, you can emerge victorious still.

How to get started with South Park Phone Destroyer

When you start the South Park Phone Destroyer game you’re thankfully eased in, so you get to enjoy learning how the various features fit in without worrying about picking up every strategy right away. In true South Park style, that means some hilarious clips to enjoy featuring all of your favourite characters. You even get to answer the phone to Cartman (sadly the dismiss option doesn’t work). Most of your interactions with the cast is done via messaging, again immersing you into Phone Destroyer by nicely blurring the lines of game and reality.

The premise is pretty straight forward. The South Park kids have split into groups and are fighting cowboys and Indians style – although you’ll see that even this one rule doesn’t last for long. Each character in the game is represented by a card that you can collect, in classic Phone Trumps style, where each person has values for attack, health, special skills and more.

South Park Phone Destroyer tips for victory

After spending way, way too much time playing this game, here’s our top tips for rising high in Phone Destroyer.

How to pick your deck and upgrade characters

Initially you need to get to grips with the basic controls of throwing cards out to bring players into the game to protect you. You have a team of players including Cartman as your Tank, slow but with high damage; Kyle as your Ranged, with pistols but lower health; Bandita Sally as a low health but high attack Assassin; and Calamity Heidi as a Fighter for balanced attack and health.

As the game progresses, you can unlock more characters, which means you need to pick and choose who is actually in your deck when you fight. Since some take more recharge points to summon, you need to have a balanced mix of fighters. This applies to spending well-earned upgrade points like feathers and arrowheads to enhance your character too.

Take your time. You don’t want to upgrade yourself too fast and neglect to boost your cards, as you’ll get smashed in battle.

How to collect rare cards and build a killer deck

While you have the option to spend cash on cards at any time, remember that Phone Destroyer generously awards you free cards every four hours. Which means that the slower you build your deck, the more powerful it will be.

Don’t forget to pick up those free cards in the game store whenever you can. In fact, set an alarm for 3am so you don’t miss out. Okay, maybe a step too far, but you can at least allow Phone Destroyer to notify you when a new free deck is available, so you snatch it up straight away.

Use the extra locker slot when you can. Three of the ten lockers you get to open after a battle will hold significant rewards, while the rest will be smaller. It’s chance that decides what you get. The game lets you open an extra free locker in exchange for virtual payment or, in some cases, watching an ad. This option is worth taking advantage of when you can, as after a while the game locks this option for four hours. If you’ve just opened three lockers with rubbish inside and get the option for another, go for it – three of the remaining seven lockers hold good stuff, which is almost a 50/50 chance at good loot.

When spending, splash out on materials first and cards later. By spending everything you earn on upgrading your cards’ stats by using materials, you’ll build up a stronger team which should help you to progress faster. Then it’s time to place your focus on purchasing cards to actually upgrade those characters’ levels.

Save your cash money in the game for card packs, as these have some of the best rewards.

How to win battles

The key here is to keep a balance of cards between Tank, Fighter, Ranged and Assassin. Always have someone in the fight representing each group, as they’re essential warriors in different situations and work together well.

You also have spell cards, which are a good way to deal higher damage in one quick burst. That’s ideal if you spot a boss or PvP enemy is low on health, to instantly end a battle.

Playing the strong tank up front, long range player at the back and having assassins and fighters at the ready is always a solid starter strategy.

Knowing how to counter is an important strategy. If you’re being attacked by a slow tank then using fast assassins can help to take them down. On the flip side of that, if you’re under attack by an assassin you might want to unleash animals to cause distractions and keep yourself safe. Don’t just blindly play cards; check out what your enemy is throwing out and then pick the cards that counter it best.

Also, be aware of your main player in PvP battles losing health and firing out shockwaves, as these hurt everyone. Wait if you see one coming before placing more fighters in the battle.

Special abilities are a must. Sheriff Cartman has the cool ability to dish out his Bullet Tantrum, which allows him to take out lots of enemies at once, or at least lower most of the enemy’s attackers to minimal health. This is best held onto until at least three enemies step into that circle, for maximum impact; however, keep an eye on his health too, and unleash as soon as it looks like he’s about to cop it.

Kyle also has a special move which replenishes the health of the team, which is absolutely invaluable at times. Levelling these players up enhances the regularity and power of these specials, so it’s worth looking out for their cards in particular.

Playing your characters towards the back of the battleground can also be helpful, as this lets you opponent get close enough for your hero to cause real damage, it also leaves the opponent weak and recharging – an ideal time for you to launch an attack.

PvP mode offers strong bonuses

While the single player mode is a good way to progress and level up, it’s the PvP battles against real world opponents that really test you. As you level up through the 15 difficulties, your rewards become greater, so there’s a strong incentive to give this mode a go. If you find yourself stuck in the story mode at any point, smashing through some real-life opponents will almost certainly boost you to a level where you’re ready to compete again.

You can also replay PvE missions in the game to earn rewards all over, simply by repeating the battles you’ve already conquered at varying difficulties.

Once you find out how to join an alliance, via the PvP section, you can team-up and start reaping the rewards. You can request cards daily and have them sent from other alliance members.


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