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Speedx 3D: Tilt if you want to go faster

Speedx 3D is old-school arcade gaming fun, and by old-school we mean not easy. You are placed in the cockpit of a high-speed racer which you control by tilting left and right on the phone as you’re being propelled across a futuristic race course.

There are no checkpoints and no continues. This is a pure test of reactions and nerves. Even on the easiest setting, the slightest mistake will be punished severely.

Steep learning curve aside, Speedx 3D is a lot of fun. You rack up points by driving along the coloured sections of the grid before veering out of the path of obstacles. You can collect up to four shield power ups will allow you to smash through the barriers.

It’s almost like playing a never-ending version an F-Zero X course, complete with multicoloured lines and undulating tracks. The only thing absent is the cartoon thrash metal soundtrack. We suppose you could always turn the music off in the options and have Pantera or something playing in the background. The default music, a chilled dance track, complements Speedx 3D’s visuals well.

If you’re after classic arcade action on your Android, then the 99p spent here will be totally worth it. 


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