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Sphero Lightning McQueen Remote Control Car tour: Setup, specs and testing

Tempted by the Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Remote Control Car, complete with moving eyes, animatronic mouth and realistic motion? Here’s our full unboxing, setup and tour of this incredible remote controlled recreation of Pixar’s hero.

If you or your offspring are fans of the Pixar movie Cars, this realistic Lightning McQueen toy from Sphero has to be your next big purchase.

Lightning McQueen is of course set to hit the big screen again in 2017, thanks to the Cars 3 sequel. Just in time for merchandise fans, this feature-packed remote controlled car has roared into UK and international stores. But unlike a lot of movie tie-in toys, the Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen is a truly remarkable piece of kit – a loving recreation of the film’s main character that’s stunningly lifelike.

If the name Sphero rings a bell, it’s because the company already released the awesome BB-8 toy to tie in with The Force Awakens (along with the cool Force Band, to control BB-8 with gestures alone). No wonder then that the Ultimate Lightning McQueen is so bloody brilliant.

Sphero Lightning McQueen Remote Control Car specs and features

The Sphero Lightning McQueen connects to your Android device or iPhone, which can then be used to remote control him. Like any such toy, you can of course drive him around, simply by tapping the on-screen joystick and buttons. You can even get him to pull donuts or hit the nitro, when needed.

However, the most impressive part of this toy is the attention to detail and all of that smart tech involved.

The car features all of Lightning’s paint work, branding included. He’s constructed from more than 450 parts, including six motors and an LCD windscreen which help to bring him to life. Along with a moving mouth, McQueen can manoeuvre just like in the movie, courtesy of his ’emotive suspension’. You even have several capacitive touch panels secreted around his chassis, which respond to your touch.

Then there’s the ambient light sensor, which automatically dims and boosts the front and rear headlights according to the conditions.

Of course, Owen Wilson has provided plenty of quotes for Lightning McQueen to spout via the integrated speaker system.

Sphero Lightning McQueen Remote Control Car app

As well as giving you direct remote control over McQueen via Bluetooth, the Sphero app includes some cool bonus features. For instance, you can play mini games with the car, watch Cars with him (complete with reactions to what’s happening on-screen) and even compile scripts for him to follow.

This app can be downloaded right now from Google’s Play Store for Android handsets, or the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads.

Check out our full Sphero Lightning McQueen Remote Control Car unboxing, setup and tour video below. We take you on a full tour of the toy, show off some of the best features and test out the Sphero app.



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