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Splinter Cell Conviction goes HD for iPad

Fans of stealthily creeping about while blowing things up (in games, obviously) will be chuffed at the news that Splinter Cell Conviction has made the leap from iPhone to iPad.

The new HD version follows the same plot: you play Special Forces operative Sam Fisher, who’s trying to rescue his kidnapped daughter from a corrupt secret agency. Which means you’re a “renegade spy agent” who doesn’t obey any rules or follow any orders. Hell, you probably drop litter too, just because you can.

The graphics have been tarted up for the iPad, and you can tweak the on-screen controls to suit your preferred thumb’n’finger placement. In fact, the controls work really well, so it doesn’t take long for you to forget how you’re playing, and focus on the running, jumping, shooting, speedboating and sonar goggling that makes up the core of the game.

There’s an argument that iPad is best suited to more casual games to play while loafing about on the sofa. But games like Splinter Cell Conviction show Apple’s tablet can go toe-to-toe with the games consoles too.


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