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Spotify for Android updated, HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy Tab now supported

Spotify has just released the latest version of its Android app on the Market, bringing that same fresh design that we spotted in last weeks preview version. More importantly Spotify for Android is now available  for a whole load of new devices, including the HTC Desire HD and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Support for almost any screen resolution have been included in this update, meaning that it should now work on smaller devices like the Sony Ericsson X8 as well as phones with bigger and more high-res screens like the Desire HD.

As well as this, general performance of the app has also been vastly improved. Skipping between bigger tracks (generally anything above 7 minutes) used to result in a slight lag, which has now been ironed out.

Skipping between 20-minute long tracks is no longer hobbled by excessive lagging like it was in the past. You can almost hear prog fans across the country weeping tears of joy into their beards.

Bugs like the correct album art not displaying has been sorted, and a problem with the widget, which occasionally displayed the wrong track/artist name, has also been corrected.

The Android devices which are now supported include:

HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire Z, Motorola XT720, Samsung Galaxy Apollo, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro and the Sony Ericsson X8.

The latest version of Spotify for Android is free to download from the Android Market but will only work if you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber.

Source: Spotify


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