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Spotify for iPhone gets a free playlists app

We’re big fans of Spotify’s iPhone app, including the way it lets you play any playlist you like – your own or your friends’. However, what’s missing is an easy way to discover new playlists created by other people. Thankfully, there’s now a (separate) app for that.

It’s called, and is a spin-off from the website of the same name. Like the site, the idea is that you browse for playlists by genre – everything from jazz and folk through to hip-hop and heavy metal. There’s also a search feature that lets you search for playlists containing a specific artist or song.

Once you find one that sounds good, a single tap launches the Spotify app with that playlist ready to go – the actual playing is handled by Spotify itself, so you’ll need a subscription obviously. ShareMyPlaylists is a simple but marvellous idea, although we do think that Spotify will surely add a similar feature to its app sooner rather than later.


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