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Spotify for iPhone: Now you can sync offline playlists over 2G and 3G

Spotify has rolled out yet another handy update to its iPhone app for premium users. Now you can sync your offline playlists using the 2G and 3G networks – so the days of having to seek out Wi-Fi to sync a playlist before you lose reception are over.

To take advantage of the update, you’ll have to go into your options and switch ‘Sync over 2G/3G’ to on. In our 3G-less office, the progress bar on our playlist sync is crawling along so slowly that it doesn’t actually appear to be moving, so it’s not recommended unless you have really good 3G reception. Especially because you’re stuck having to keep the Spotify app open on multitask-less iPhone OS 3.0.

Still, it’s a nice addition and great for premium Spotify users when they’re on the go. The app update is available even as we speak.


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