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Spotify getting iOS 4 multi-tasking update imminently (update: it’s live)

Spotify has announced that it’s just submitted an updated version of its iPhone app to Apple, which will take advantage of the iOS 4 software’s multi-tasking capabilities.

“We know that many of you have been waiting for an update to our iPhone app that supports the latest iOS 4 and background listening,” says a blog post from Spotify’s Andres Sehr.

“We’re happy to say that an updated app has been submitted to Apple for review. Hopefully we’ll get a speedy approval and to make up for the extra little wait time we’ve added a nice little surprise to make Spotify mobile even more exciting for you, stay tuned!”

That nice little surprise should be intriguing. Spotify’s US rival Pandora managed to get multi-tasking live for the iOS launch last week, so it’s good news for us Europeans that we’ll soon be able to play our playlists while emailing, apping or Safari surfing.

Update: The Spotify iPhone app iOS4 update is available to download now. iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Touch (3rd gen) users will now be able to listen to music while using other apps. You’ll also be able to use the headset remote and lock screen music controls, and there’s a new tab which shows you new albums and the top 100 tracks in your country.


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