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Spotify launches Windows Phone app

With an eye on world domination, and because iPhone, Android and Symbian apps weren’t enough, Spotify has today launched a Windows Phone application for handsets running Windows Mobile 6 and above.

This app won’t be compatible with Windows Phone 7 devices when they launch later this month, but Spotify assures us that it’s beavering away on a Windows Phone 7 version of the app for release “in the near future”.

The current Windows Phone Spotify app includes all the features we’ve seen on the other mobile platforms; offline playlists, streaming over 3G, multi-tasking, and instant desktop/mobile syncing. And, like all other Spotify apps, you’ll need a premium Spotify account to take advantage of the features.

For a quick walk-through, Spotify has put together a handy video – and you can download the new app by visiting on your Windows phone.



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