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Spotify plus Foursquare equals… Spotisquare!

Location-based music? It’s not a new idea in mobile. For example, Shazam has let you associate songs that you’ve tagged with the place you did it for a while now. But we’re intrigued by a new mobile web service that takes the idea a step further, mashing up social location service Foursquare with streaming music app Spotify.

It’s called – wait for it – Spotisquare, and describes itself as “a mobile web app that connects music to places”. The idea is that you point your mobile browser at its site, and use it to check-in to a venue using your Foursquare login. Then, you can see what Spotify playlists are connected to that venue, and play them within Spotify’s app.

How do playlists get connected to places though? It’s a bit fiddly, and involves finding the venue on Foursquare’s website, then visiting a dedicated page on Spotisquare’s website to enter its ID number, and a playlist link from Spotify.

Spotisquare seems to know that doing this on the phone would be better though: in its FAQ, it says that “Once Spotify let you get the URL of a playlist, or supply us a good API for their services, we will definitely make this work”.


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