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Spotify Radio arrives in beta form: You can be the DJ

Along with the cavalcade of new apps that arrived with the Spotify desktop app last week comes a brand spankin’ new feature: Spotify Radio.

The last missing link in Spotify’s service basically allows you to do what you’ve been able to do with for ages.

Clicking on the new ‘Start Artist Radio’ tab at the top of an artists’ screen now fires up a radio station which you can skip through and pause as you like.

Alternatively you can drag a track that you’re playing to the new ‘radio’ tab that’s sitting over in the ‘Apps’ list on the left. This adds a new element to music discovery on Spotify that we’d love to see enabled on the mobile apps.

In beta at the moment, you can check out Spotify Radio for yourself now by downloading the Windows and Mac versions of the desktop beta.

Source: Spotify Blog