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Spotify removes time limit on free music streaming

Free users will now be able to stream as much music as they like as Spotify lifts time limit.

Spotify has removed its monthly time limit on music streaming, so free users won’t be restricted to how much music they stream each month. In the past, users were given a monthly time limit, and once exceeded they were forced to wait until the next month or upgrade their account. But as of yesterday, there are now no limits on the free-of-charge ad-supported web listening at all. 

The time limit has been lifted for PCs and mobile devices including the iPhone, Android smartphones such as the Galaxy S4, and Windows Phone 8 mobiles such as the Nokia Lumia range. If you want to stream for free on iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone you’ll lose the ads, but you will still be restricted when it comes to shuffling the songs.

The move could be another way to make Spotify more accessible across all platforms. Last month, it opened free ad-supported on-demand listening on tablets. It also launched a free, ad-supported version of its smartphone app. Now, Spotify has over 26 million users and 6 million paying subscribers. This move could also be an attempt to give Spotify a boost above Google and Apple, as these two mobile platform owners get serious about streaming music. 

What will Spotify cook up next? Let us know what you think about the time limit lift by posting in the comments below. 


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