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Spotify gives itself a makeover with brand spanking new design

Spotify’s biggest redesign has arrived, and it brings the long anticipated ‘collection’ view. So what’s changed?

Spotify has rolled out the biggest redesign ever, and it looks nothing like the old one with its darker colour scheme and long-awaited ‘collection’ view. The ‘collection’ view feature, which is called “Your Music”, was actually introduced back in December 2012, but had failed to come through. Today, this new section inside the Spotify sidebar lets you save and stream your favourite albums, songs, and artists without needing to create playlists.

Spotify's new look on mobile

This particular feature is useful to mobile, and you can now choose to save artists or albums for offline listening. The shuffle play feature, which was introduced by the company last January, now firmly remains in the update. However, to make room for the new features, some things have had to go.

The popular “star” buttons, which let you save songs to your Starred playlist, have been killed off. Michelle Kadir, Spotify’s director of product development, said: “We no longer want to promote Starred for quick-saving but rather transition its usage to curation of your favourite music. We’ll do this by removing the Star action and treating Starred as a normal playlist – you add songs to it as you would with any other playlist.”

The darker colour scheme, overall, gives Spotify a much smoother and suaver look. The redesign also includes circular avatars to represent people and square avatars to represent albums. Kadir said: “This is the first redesign this big that we’ve done. We’ve done bits and pieces along the way and launched on new platforms, but this is the first we’ve done of the whole service since the beginning.”

The updated design certainly makes a statement. What do you think about Spotify’s new look? Let us know by hitting up the comment section below.

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