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Spotted: Android robot you can control with your phone

We loved the limited edition Android pin badges, even the overpriced coffee cup; but the people at PhonyBotz – we hope it’s not a hoax – have taken our breath away with this Android robot, controllable with, obviously, any Android device.

Specifications are a little vague; but according to Les Parisien, the robot is able to display notifications for calls, text messages, status updates and low battery warnings.

It can be charged through USB, naturally, and we’re told to expect 4 hours of robot action, or 48 hours on standby.

The remote robot looks set to launch in October in France, priced at £44 (50€) we could certainly see Recombu Towers getting one in, if only for obligatory photo opportunities.

It looks like the robot is controlled through an app interface on the phone, but can it defeat the likes of Nokia’s remote-controlled car, or Griffin’s forthcoming iPhone-powered  helicopter? We smell a battle royale.

See the robot in action below, or visit their Facebook page for more information. Oh, and yeah, its head spins.

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