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Springpad for iPhone and Android: Take notes on the go

Springpad is a note-taking desktop app which syncs up with your iPhone or Android device. You can write up a shopping list on your computer, for example, and then check it on your phone later, or vice versa. You could also save links to webpages, allowing you to get directions to that restaurant or check back on that recipe you read on your friend’s blog earlier in the day – all from your phone’s browser. 

We like that you can share items and lists on Facebook or Twitter and search for your friends lists on the ‘Friends Stuff’ if you want to have a nose at their spending and dining habits.

The layout of the Springpad apps on both iPhone and Android is colourful and easy to use. Springpad is a free to download for iPhone and Android devices running 2.0/Eclair or higher.

Another feature of the Springpad apps is the ‘Search Nearby’ tool which uses your phone’s GPS, but we found that this came up with some funny results. In addition to listing our local haunts we also got the address for a Taco Bell in Twin Falls, Idaho. Location searching isn’t the main feature of this app though so this isn’t really a big deal.



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