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SquareTrade launches warranty for jailbroken iPhones

If you have jailbroken your iPhone it’s no longer covered by Apple Care or UK network cover, but SquareTrade has extended its iPhone warranty cover to jailbroken iPhones.

Jailbreaking is when you gain access to the root of the operating system, so you can add apps that haven’t been authorised by Apple and make tweaks that change the layout of the interface. What make’s Square Trade’s new warranty service so interesting, is that even if your iPhone (and now iPad) take the plunge or take a hit by accident, you’re covered, even if you’ve jailbroken your device. Accidental damage and jailbreaking, two key elements that AppleCare won’t cover. .

iPhone in water

We’ve come across SquareTrade before, a company all about warranties, who outlined to us just how often iPhones take a beating.  SquareTrade’s statistics stated that despite the iPhone 4 being the most reliable smartphone at the time (from a sample size of 50,000 devices), it also fell prey to the implications of gravity’s mercy and all manner of real-world dangers, far more often any other device.

Right now SquareTrade has a discount on their services too with a £99 2 year plan for iPhone’s and a £79 2 year plan for iPads. If you’ve jailbroken your iPad we think it’s worth a look.


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