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Stanford researchers show off future uses of NFC. Exchange your photos with a touch. Literally.

At the MobiSocial lab, in Stanford, they’re showing off  some new uses of the NFC chip, already in the Google Nexus S, forthcoming Orange SIM cards and is also rumoured to be inside future iPhones and iPads.

NFC is still relatively new to phone technology, but they have been able to show off several demonstration videos of what they’ve managed so far.

Although Google’s phone is setup to only read data at this point, the researchers tinkered with Android’s Gingerbread, and have managed to get two phones to ‘communicate’ together.

One video shows the researchers using a collaborative white-board style app, and in another, they were able to send cat photos via NFC, by simply touching the phones together, and okaying the download. Check out this grainy video, showing it in action.

No more sorting out Bluetooth or typing in email addresses? We like.

Via; Pocketnow


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