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Star Trek creator brings interactive sci-fi to Android and iOS

A new and immersive 360-degree movie called ‘White Room: 02B3’ is coming to Android and iOS devices later this year, courtesy of original Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

Roddenberry Entertainment, the company started by the creator of Star Trek, has struck a partnership with Immersive Media, the faces behind Google Street View, to create a fresh new VR interactive movie for mobile devices.

White Room: 02B3 will be a 360-degree interactive title, aiming to capitalise on devices like Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard, a $25 cardboard box which transforms smartphones into basic virtual reality headsets. Viewers will be plunged straight into the movie and can change their perspective with a turn of the head, giving a more immersive viewing experience.

The film, which was shot specifically for 360-degree viewing, has won plaudits for its originality and compelling storyline. White Room: 02B3 follows the fates of six strangers who wake up in a bizarre white room and come to realise that they’re part of an elaborate experiment which could change humankind forever. Sounds very Cube-esque, but the talent on board already has us very excited.

Myles McGovern, CEO of Immersive Media, said: “Working with Roddenberry, we’re able to push the envelope on what it means to create immersive and VR video, taking it past the virtual tourism experience into the more compelling narrative space. Their creative capabilities are a perfect complement to our innovative technical and production offerings.”

White Room: 02B3 will be released on August 3rd for both Android and iOS, and it will set you back $2.99 US (which we’re assuming will translate to £2.99 here in the UK). Immersive Media will likely have other innovative 360-degree entertainment in the offing too, so fingers crossed this pilot release sells well.

If you want a 360-degree taster, you can download Immsersive Media’s app now, or you can check out the standard trailer below.


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