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Star Wars: Battle for Hoth launches on Windows Phone 7

To herald Microsoft’s great return to the mobile phone industry we suppose its only appropriate that one of the Win Pho 7 launch titles is a game based on The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth is a tower defence style game based on events from second film in the original Star Wars trilogy. The one which starts on the ice planet with the giant walking things.

You position rebel soldiers and gun emplacements at various choke points so that you can take out as many of the advancing Stormtroopers and walkers as possible. The more Imperial troops you take down the more cash you get to spend on reinforcements.

To begin with you only have to take out probe droids and light armoured Imperials, but later on you have the opportunity to take out the big lumbering AT-AT walkers like in the film which is rather satisfying.

In all honesty, Battle for Hoth is a pretty basic tower defence game, but its one of the first games available for Windows Phone 7 handsets plus its Star Wars. Star Wars is still cool right?

You can download a free demo of The Battle for Hoth by clicking on the Xbox Live section of your Windows Phone 7 phone and scrolling down to the ‘Get more games’ section on the Collection page. The full version of the game costs £3.99 and can get got from the same place. Alternatively you can search for the app on your PC via Zune.

Irrelevant fun fact: The actor who played the Rebel commander of Echo Base in the film is Bruce Boa, perhaps better known as the American guest from the Waldorf Salad episode of Fawlty Towers. There. I’ve always wanted to get that little factoid into a news piece somewhere.


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