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Staying awake: Anti Sleep Pilot app aims to keep you safe on the road

What’s the best thing an app could do for you? Make you laugh with tubby versions of your mate’s face? While away untold hours of your life pinging birds at green pigs?

How about saving your own life? Well that’s the Anti Sleep Pilot’s aim- helping you avoid ‘fatigue-related driving accidents’ which, say the makers, are the cause of up to 25% of all fatal and 40% of all single-vehicle traffic accidents.

It works using a combination of your iPhone’s own sensors, such as the clock for time of day, driving time, and reaction times, fatigue level, measured before the start of your drive, and a ‘personal risk profile’ that configures the app according to the user.

Then through a combination of fatigue-ometers and graphical readouts that look like a training programme on a gym bike, it will advise you on when you should stop for breaks, and when your fatigue reaches the danger-zone.

Problem is, it’s £11.99- and even that’s a reduced introductory price. Some people are hard-pressed to pay 59p for a game- not sure if it’s going to catch on.


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