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Steampunk phone mods from Croatia: Andrew Ryan just called, Rapture wants its mobiles back

If your custom Android skin and typewriter keyboard just isn’t cutting it for you, then you might need to go properly retro and pick up one of these.

This series of heavily-modded steampunk phones is the work of Croatian artist Ivan Mavrovic and they’re fantastic.

Looking alternately like in-game items from the BioShock, props from the Nautilus in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and something that Bilbo Baggins’ descendants might use (if Middle Earth ever got round to putting masts up in the Shire), these are old phones that’ve been heavily customised with leather, brass, old gears and bolts and other discarded junk; pieces of an old VHS player makes up this heavily customised Nokia above.

If only all phone designs these days could be a little braver, a little less uniform, a little less, me-too. There’s more examples of Ivan Mavrovic’s work on his blog; wristwatches, USB sticks and a ‘metapen’ that takes the concept of the humble spork and runs wild.

Source: Mental Design via Oddity Central, YouBentMyWookie

There’s something that reassuringly human about this design amid all the nuts and bolts; the gears and clock parts look like a bowed head and pair of outstretched arms, as if the phone is presenting the menu button to the user.

Like we said earlier, if the Lord of the Rings saga ever extended into a timeline where mobile technology was developed, then Biblo’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great nephews and nieces would be using phones like this.

The phone that Captain Nemo would use; the internal antenna would need to be powerful enough to pick up calls 20,000 leagues deep. We’re not sure about if those keys are sweetcorn and we hope that some kind of squid repellant comes built in.

Nice use of an old wristwatch face for the screen cover here; the keys looks like standard office issue drawing pins too. Is that a 3.5mm jack we spy on the side there as well?

This insectile rollcage ‘retro de luxe’ phone is a modded Nokia 2330 Classic, with parts cannibalised from an old typewriter. The outer rim is made from white plastic and the central menu key is a piece of black onyx.


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