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Steve Jobs’ career gets animated for Taiwanese news: Dancing and Darth Jobs

It happens for all the big news items; Wayne Rooney’s awkward tryst, or the Ashley Cole rifle incident, and now, Next Media Animation have decided to cover the career of Steve Jobs.

Covering the ‘hobbies’ of his youth, the birthing of the first Apple computer, with co-found Steve Wozniak at his side, followed by the decline of Apple, Jobs’ swift booting and movement to Pixar.

After a brief dance number with Woody and Buzz, it gets curiously odder, moving on to a lightsaber battle with Bill Gates, transformation to the dark side and the ability to create devices that print money. (See what they did there?)

Jobs then battles with Death for a pancreas, and the video finishes off nicely with an Android assault; with Mr. Jobs’ back against the wall, he’s joined by the new CEO, Tim Cook, replete with tasteless headwear, and proceed to fight back against the Android hoard.

Watch it all in action below; bizarrely it’s all even stupider (and in worse taste) than it sounds.


Via: MIC Gadget


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