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Stick it to BP on iPhone with the help of a… duck?

It’s not much fun being BP right now. Barack Obama is on their back for clean-up cash, the company’s share price is plummeting, and it’s still not managed to plug that pesky leak. Now even iPhone games developers are ganging up on the troubled energy company.

Duck vs BP doesn’t look like it’ll give Plants vs. Zombies or Fox vs. Duck a run for their money in the ‘excellent iPhone games with ‘vs’ in the title’ game stakes. But it’s certainly topical. “In a pollution-infested world, the only way for the last duck to survive is to block all pipes pumping waste into the duck’s pond, to let nature to cleanse and restore itself,” is the setup.

Okay, so a.) the Gulf of Mexico is hardly a pond, and b.) there aren’t any ducks there. And if there were, they probably wouldn’t be playing a crucial role in the well-plugging efforts. That said, it intersperses its simple tilt-based action with eco-facts, so you might learn something from the experience. It certainly won’t be the last iPhone app to focus on the current disaster off the coast of the US.


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