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StopMotion Recorder makes animators of us all

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to download your new favourite app. StopMotion Recorder is a simple little iPhone application which allows you to make stop-motion animations quickly and easily. To prove it to you, I made one myself this morning (above). 

Using a regular camera or camcorder to create a stop-motion film is do-able, but it’s a huge hassle and very time consuming. StopMotion Recorder makes it as easy as pie; there’s an onscreen grid you can use to position your subjects, and as you tap the screen or clap to record each frame it provides you with a transparent guide to show you the positioning of the last shot. It’s quick, easy and fun.

We had just two gripes; one was that we couldn’t seem to watch our animation in progress and then add more to it, and the other was that the autofocus was sometimes a bit slow; hence why some of the shots in our animation are a bit fuzzy. We’ll admit we did add the titles and music in iMovie afterwards, though.

Still, with various film effects available and a super easy one-touch sharing system for uploading to YouTube or emailing your video, StopMotion Recorder is actually brilliant. If the video above doesn’t satisfy your stop-mo lust, there’s a rather professional how-to video here.

[Music credit: Kevin MacLeod]


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