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StoreDot shows off 30-second phone battery charger

While it’s nice to have a ridiculous number of megapixels in your phone’s camera and a flipping massive HD screen to watch videos on, we reckon most people would prefer their mobile to last longer than a day between charges. Which is why StoreDot’s battery and charging system is so exciting, powering up fully in just half a minute.

We first saw the tech shown off last spring, but StoreDot was at CES 2015 showing off a leaner, more refined version of what first caught our eye, a serious step up from the chunky prototype stuck on the back of a Galaxy phone last year. The company is now looking for support to make charging your device in less than a minute a reality for the average user, a breakthrough which would change the way we use our smartphones, tablets and wearables forever.

StoreDot has its roots in the nanotechnology department of Tel Aviv University and this nifty new charging system actually uses nano-tech to achieve that 30-second recharge. The secret ingredients are biological semiconductors crafted from organic compounds, which can apparently shift ions around at high speed. Through the magic of science, this ability enables the special batteries to soak up juice much quicker than usual.

There are currently still a few drawbacks to StoreDot’s whizzy charging tech, including the fact that the chargers require a massive 40 amps to achieve their task – much more than the standard one or two amps currently used to charge mobiles. Currently they can also only charge 900mAh cells in under 30 seconds, which are far smaller than those used in most current smartphones (around 3,000mAh is the norm for flagship phones).

However, that still means the tech could currently recharge a wearable device in under a minute and we’re sure that nippy mobile charging is just around the corner. Even the ability to charge a phone in just a few minutes would be a massive step, allowing you to power up your mobile while you brush your teeth before heading off in the morning.

StoreDot’s goal is to have their new tech on sale by 2017, which isn’t quite as far into the future as it first sounds (oh my god, it’s 2015 already! Argh!)

The company is also aiming for the chargers to cost around double the price of a conventional one, which should work out at less than £20. Sign us up, sirs.



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