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Strange Rain is a welcome relief from the snow: Combines storytelling, music and multi-touch

With the UK currently besieged by snow, perhaps you find yourself missing the reassuring pitter patter of falling raindrops. 

Enter the iPad (or iPhone, although it’s not as good). With Strange Rain, you can pretend your iPad is a rainy-day skylight.

As if your handset were a window, you can see the threatening clouds as well as the downpour falling and eventually hitting the screen. Tilting the handset changes the course of the meandering raindrops as they slide down the glass.

Unlike real rain, the droplets create an atmospheric melody as they slide about – and touching the screen changes the intensity of the rainfall.

It sounds kind of pointless, but as you play with it, you find Strange Rain weirdly relaxing. Story mode even brings text up as you touch the screen – the sweet, haunting tale of a man wandering through the rain trying to make sense of his thoughts.

As developers Operton puts it, “We’re combining comics, games, music, and touch- and gesture-sensitive devices to create a fresh kind of storytelling we call “opertoons.”

Cheesy “opertoons” buzz word aside, Strange Rain is definitely worth a look when you next find yourself in a contemplative mood.

via Creative Applications


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