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Street Fighter IV HD: Coming to Android Market May 2012 (video)

We love Street Fighter VI on the iPhone. But as great as the iOS edition is, it’s no fun trying to execute Dragon Punches on a 3.5-inch panel. And we simply don’t have enough pocket space to lug an iPad around with us all the time. Can’t we have something that’s somewhere in the middle?

The good news is that an Android edition of the Street Fighter VI HD is in the pipeline. From our quick hands-on time with everyone’s favourite beat ‘em up at CES, we can say that its just as slick as the iOS version, if not a little slicker, on the LG Spectrum.

As well as solo play modes there’ll be some PvP action as well, so you can challenge your mates over Wi-Fi. Asking price for this in the US will be $12.99 which works out at about £8.50 in UK money.

Initially exclusive to the LG for the first three months, it’ll be Tiger Uppercutting its way to the Android Market in May. We’re not totally sure how pricing will pan out vis-a-vis international markets, but we’d hope that the UK and European pricing is on par with the American price.

As you can see, it’s a little hard kicking E. Honda’s ass while filming – we had to put the camera down and sort him out. We did win, honest…


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